Queer Theory Chat Page

Alec Fleschner (1/26;11:35 a.m.): This is the chat page for the Queer Theory group. Use this to communicate with each other about changes and other suggestions. You should probably use this to officially note the changes you make as well, since this will be one of the ways I'll be looking at the way the group works together.

To make comments, make sure you list your name, and the date and time as I did with this post. This allows others to see who said what when, and provides a space where you can ask each other questions and bounce ideas around.

Vanessa Horne (3/4; 1:13 p.m.):Hey guys! I edited some of the history/overview stuff. I still have not finished it, but I am going to today. I will also do some of the Text Analysis writing. P.S. We should get some pictures to tie everything together nicely! :)