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Alec Fleschner (1/26;11:35 a.m.): This is the chat page for the Psychoanalysis group. Use this to communicate with each other about changes and other suggestions. You should probably use this to officially note the changes you make as well, since this will be one of the ways I'll be looking at the way the group works together.

To make comments, make sure you list your name, and the date and time as I did with this post. This allows others to see who said what when, and provides a space where you can ask each other questions and bounce ideas around.

Crystal Morris (2/1/11; 2:27pm)
I wanted to get together as a group and talk about our project, since some of you have missed classes, we need to figure out how we are going to do our project, i have talked with tiffany who had left me a voicemail telling me what she had decided to do on her own. I think we should all decide together that way some people are not doing much more work than others because some of the topics are more difficult than the history or notable scholars. I thought we had agreed we would work on it together each week, but obviously that is not happeneing. So like i said i would like to find a time to meet or talk about this. I do not know if any of you have even been on the site yet so i hope you get this message and i will try to email as well. thanks -crystal.

Chelsea Mays 2/3/2011
Crystal I think we have decided to meet every Thursday after class, if that works for you as well. Also my number is 614 439 5544 if anyone needs to get a hold of me. If you could please call me or text me sometime this weekend and i will clue you in on what we discussed in class today. please and thank you. hope you all have a nice weekend. - Chelsea.

Crystal Morris 2-14-11 8:50 pm
just wanted to let you guys know i have made an outline for the overview and will have the section completed and up soon, im hoping you guys will also do that as well. Also, we need to get together this week to work on the analyzing text portion of the wiki. talk to you soon, thanks -crystal.

Chelsea Mays 2/14/2011
Hey guys. I'm still having some trouble finding good info for the history. If you guys are finding any great sites will you please give me the links or let me know where you looked. Oh and hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day and weekend. Thanks.
Chelsea =)
*Crystal Morris 2/17/11 WE NEED TO COMMUNICATE!
Hey just so you guys know, today in class our teacher changed the requirements for the wiki and he will be sending them out. He changed the word count for each section to 200 and the history is now supossed to be included in the overview, which i have been working on. Hopefully you get that and have a chance to look at it. I really need you you to contact me since you have not been to class and we have not gotten to talk. He had a meeting for our group specifically today and two of you were not there. So only tiffafny and i talked and decided that i am working on the overview/history and she is working on the noable scholars, the other two pages are the examples in text and the links. We can work on this together or seperatly but it needs to be done. The project is now due march 4th. I hope you can agree to this, unfortunatly we had no input from you because you were not there. You can contact me at 614-937-7340, or email at ude.ccsc.tneduts|21sirromc#ude.ccsc.tneduts|21sirromc or post something on here, but i would prefer to speak to you directly if possible. Hope you all are well, thanks

*Crystal Morris 2-23-11*
hey, i have posted about half of my part of the wiki, i was wondering if you guys could read it, please do not edit it yet because i am not finished. If you do have any suggestions please tell me in class or email me. Thanks :)

*Crystal Morris 2-27-11*
Just wanted to let you guys know that i have finished my part of the wiki except for the citations, and to let you know if you guys need any help putting your info on the page let me know! I also wanted to remind you that we ALL agreed to have our parts of the page up by tuesday March 1st so that we have sufficent time to edit and chage things that may need chaged.
*also we need to come up with some notable readings which i am sure some of have come across during our research for the notable readings section.
I look forward to seeing what you came up with
thanks, crystal

*Laurel Raab 2-28-2011*
I am finishing up my part. I chose the Poem "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath as an example text, or "notable reading" because it is riddled in Freud's "Electra Complex" (and also because I was dying to write something about Plath this quarter). It's going to be much longer than the required length…but it fits the requirement well I think. It will be up and ready to edit later tonight.

*crystal morris 2-28-11*
hey just wanted to let you guys know that i have tiffanys part of the wiki and will post it tomarrow she is having trouble getting it to post on the site so i will do it for her, Laurel thanks for posting your and it is long lol. So chelsea i think we are just waiting for yours so we can start editing

i need to get all of your links and citations so we can put the on the links page

thanks, crystal

*Crystal Morris 3-1-11
hey just wanted to let you guys know i am in the process of editing and formating the page so its going to look alittle funny until i am finished later tonight or tomarrow. so do not freak and start editing everything :)
thanks, crystal

*Crystal Morris 3-4-11 4pm*
hey, just wanted to let you knowthat i am for the most part done with the wiki, it just needs read over so if you could look over it and see if you see any mistakes that would be great. Otherwise i will finsih editing tonight when i get off of work @ 10. It is due tonight at midnight if you did not know. As for the second example in text chelsea has not posted that and i do not know if she will so i do not really know what to say about that. There is really no time forr any of us to start that now :(. I am going to e-mail the teacher now. Thats it i guess- if you could just look through it and tell me what you think that would be cool

talk to you guys later, thanks