Narratology Chat Page

Alec Fleschner (1/26;11:35 a.m.): This is the chat page for the Narratology group. Use this to communicate with each other about changes and other suggestions. You should probably use this to officially note the changes you make as well, since this will be one of the ways I'll be looking at the way the group works together.

To make comments, make sure you list your name, and the date and time as I did with this post. This allows others to see who said what when, and provides a space where you can ask each other questions and bounce ideas around.

Michael Morrow (2/3; 12:15 p.m.) I did the basic outline of our page. Everyone has a link to what they're doing. I just did a rough draft, and anyone can change the appearance.

Katelyn Reed (2/10; 11:11p.m.) I have found towo scholars that I can do the biographies for. I just wanted Rebecca to see which two I found so she wouldn't come up with the same ones I did. So the two that I have found are Vladimir Propp and Tzvetan Todorov, although I may replace him I'm not sure yet I'm still doing some research on him.

Rebecca Walker (2/22;12:35a.m.) Katelyn, is it ok if I do the scholars and you do the overview/histroy? I will use the 2 scholars you mentioned, and I will find one more to use. I will do Michael's part too. I updated the page so that it is one page again, not the sections.

Rebecca Walker (2/23; 6:28p.m.) I added subheadings to our page to make it easier for everyone to complete their section. I also completed the first scholar. I will finish the other two scholars tomorrow, and complete the Narratology as seen in House section Friday. It would be great if everyone could try to get their sections done by Saturday, since the Wiki is due Friday, March 4.

Katelyn Reed (2/24; 8:43a.m) Rebecca, I have missed class the last week due to illness and I had no idea what was going on, so I have the two scholars done that I mentioned. I will post them and you can add on if you'd like, and I'll also get the history done. I couldn't find too many sources for the two scholars I found, so if you find more feel free to add whatever you'd like. I already have the overview done, so I'll make sure to get the history done too. Also, for citing my sources i mimicked the way wikipedia does the superscript numbers to correlate with the actual sources, if you guys don't want to do it that way let me know how we want it to look and I will change mine.

Rebecca Walker (2/25; 12:21a.m.) Today I finished the second scholar as well as edited the first scholar I did.I also edited the superscript system that we have decided to use. I read over the scholar you completed Katelyn, and it all looks good :) The only question I had was the famous works, I just included them in the notable readings section, do you think that is ok? I will complete the "As seen in House" section today or tomorrow. Also, Chris, if you see this, we are going to try to have everything done Saturday so that we can all start editing.

** Katelyn Reed (2/25; 8:06pm)** The only reason I included a few writings by that author was because in the guidelines for the wiki project I thought we had to include works by them in their little bios. If we don't need them there then in the Notable Readings is fine.

Rebecca Walker (2/27 10:05p.m.) ok that's fine :) Today I completed the narratology as seen in House section. Feel free to review it and edit it if anyone wants to. Things finally seem to be coming together :)

Rebecca Walker (2/28 9:15a.m.) I just went through and cited my sources for the House section today. Hopefully we can all wrap this project up by tomorrow, since it is due Friday. That way we can make necessary changes.

Rebecca Walker (3/3/11 11:30a.m.) I added in pictures and made sure everything that is on the page is correct. It all looks good. If there isn't anything in the Matrix section by tonight, I'll come up with something to put there tomorrow.

Chris Keller (3/3/11 12:08 PM) Hey guys, I've added The Matrix portion. I also put my resources and a few more notable readings up as well. I might add a picture to mine too, but I'm trying to figure out how to imbed a video, just for something different. I noticed that someone used Wikipedia in the resource section, is that allowed? (Everything looks great, btw) EDIT - video and picture added…

Katelyn Reed (3/3/11 5:04PM) Chris, thanks for putting in your section, it looks really good with the video added in. Ill add just a few more things about the history later tonight, but everything looks great! =)