Example Of Feminism In Texts


Feminism in Texts

The Beauty Myth

For centuries, women have changed the way the world looks at women. Females are for once very powerful and independent. Of course it wasn’t always like that and to this day we are still working on becoming more strong. When reading Marked Women, Unmark Men By Deborah Tannen, I realized men still had a strength that women will never have; being what Tanner likes to call “unmarked”. Women do not have the power to be unmarked because, according to Tannen, there is no unmarked women. They are marked by cultural expectations. Tannen states, “Each of the women at the conference had to make decisions about their hair, clothing, makeup and accessories, and each decision carried meaning. Every style available to us was marked” (304). For men on the other hand it is a different story. “The men in our group had made decisions, too, but the range from which they chose was incomparably narrower. Men can choose styles that are marked, but they don’t have to” (Tanner 304). This relates to feminism because it is something women have been working on and how we are viewed. Men look at us and may think of us as a sex objects when in reality we are more then that. Women should not feel the pressure of others on how we women look. We have the courage and the strength to stand up for our right on what we wear, but men should not judge a female by what she wears; or in that matter, what she chooses to do.


G.I Jane

The movie G.I Jane is a great example of courage and strength in the feminism department. G.I Jane is about a women who goes into the Navy Speical Warfare Group and has to prove to the people in the Navy and herself that she can be treated like a human being and not just another female. In this movie, you see a lot of sexism and how the men treat her so poorly. Yet she gained the respect after a battle with her Command Master Chief and wins. This also relates to feminism because when it comes to women wanting to do the same things as men, we are treated with disrespect. The beauty myth and G.I Jane are related because women want more power. We do not want men to control how we dress and what we do. G.I Jane moive trailer